A Family Decision

The decision to have your son or daughter go abroad to study involves much more than simply researching the web and finding websites with pictures of wonderful facilities and smiling faces. Even speaking to family, friends and colleagues about their experiences regarding their children is very useful and helpful, but might not meet the needs of your own son or daughter because each child needs to find “The School” that will allow them to grow and thrive.

Of course each boarding school’s administrator and director can advise and tell you all about their school, but, indeed, there are other schools that might be a better fit for what your son or daughter is looking for in their study abroad program.

Kendall & Associates Educational Consulting can help you with the decision-making process because we known each of the schools that we work with and have the experience, knowledge and unbiased end result to provide you with a selection of schools that will best fit the profile of your son or daughter.

Albert College

Location: Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Three top unique qualities of the school:

Adventure Program: from orientation camp to ski trips to exploring New York City the program provides opportunities for learning outside the classroom, recreation, teamwork, leadership, personal challenge and exploration.

English Foundation Year (EFY): focuses primarily on developing language skills. Additionally, students with the background, study skills and intellectual abilities can earn credits in other areas towards their high school diploma. The EFY Program is led by a highly qualified faculty member. With a maximum of only 10 students, students are assured individualized attention.

"A Profound Sense of Community”: our small size and deep sense of community allows for a diverse international community (students from over 20 countries) to live and work together with mutual respect.

Advanced Placement (AP): Albert College offers several Advanced Placement courses for those students in their last year who are looking for extra academic enrichment and AP courses are recognized by many institutions as equivalent to first-year university credits. Past offerings have included Calculus, Music, American History, Computers, French, Art and English.

Special subjects offered: Summer School, ESL Foundation Year, Adventure Program, Active Citizenship, Community Service

Languages: French, Spanish, German (on request)

Computer (courses): Introduction to Computers; Business Systems; Computer Science

Arts: The school offers a unique Arts Period built into the academic timetable which allows students to pursue their artistic passions while ensuring they have time to participate in athletics.

Sports: Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Badminton, Alpine Skiing, Snow-boarding, Tennis, Swimming, Track & Field, Cross Country Running, Squash, Golf, Canoeing and Kayaking.

Extra curricular activities (clubs): Arts electives include: Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Woodwinds, Visual Arts, Drama, Creative Writing, Chess, Public Speaking, Culinary Arts, Woodworking and Graphic Design/Yearbook.

Adventure Trips: (Canoeing, rock climbing, skiing, etc.), March Service Trips (Free the Children), excursions (Toronto and Ottawa).

Intramurals include a variety of recreational, athletic and social competitions around the school. Students participate in a house system and compete for their team.

Weekend Activities: Weekend activities are a key element of life in the Albert College community for boarding and day students. On any given weekend students may be involved in any of the following:

  1. Athletics - volleyball, soccer, field hockey, basketball, squash, swimming, hockey, rugby, etc.
  2. Student dances - arranged by the student's social committee
  3. Culture trips to major cities (New York, Boston, Toronto etc.)
  4. Professional Sporting Events - NHL hockey, NBA Basketball
  5. Movie Marathons in Residence
  6. Skiing/ Snowboarding trips
  7. Camping/ Canoeing trips
  8. Amusement Park (Canada's Wonderland)
  9. Shopping (Toronto - Eaton Center/ Vaughan Mills)

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12/ Postgraduate - Boarding from Grade 7

Teacher-student-ratio: 1:8

Average class size: 14

Boarding-day-student-ratio: 1:1

Number of students: 180, Grade 7 to Grade 12/PG and 300, Pre-K to Grade 12/PG

Boy-girl-ratio: 1:1

Percentage of International students: 55% (Boarding)

Dress code: School uniforms

Tuition: CAN$ 46.300,- (School Year: 2011/2012)

Tuition Refund Plan: Tuition refund is based on medical necessity up to 80% of fees paid

Credit card payments allowed: Yes, credit card payments are available

Additional costs:

CAN$ 2.500 to cover sundry expenses, uniforms, textbooks & supplies
CAN$ 2.500 new student enrollment fee (one-time)
CAN$ 2,500 for English as a Second Language fee
CAN$ 100 application fee
CAN$ 500 custodial fee for international students

Summer School: All levels of ESL & Grade 12 English, Summer school runs from August 3rd to August 26th, 2011. 25 hours of instruction per week, evening study hall and exciting weekend trips to Canadian attractions such as  Niagara Falls and Toronto. For more information please e-mail: info@albertcollege.ca.

Website: www.albertcollege.ca.

Additional information, including slide show and university placement

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