A Family Decision

The decision to have your son or daughter go abroad to study involves much more than simply researching the web and finding websites with pictures of wonderful facilities and smiling faces. Even speaking to family, friends and colleagues about their experiences regarding their children is very useful and helpful, but might not meet the needs of your own son or daughter because each child needs to find “The School” that will allow them to grow and thrive.

Of course each boarding school’s administrator and director can advise and tell you all about their school, but, indeed, there are other schools that might be a better fit for what your son or daughter is looking for in their study abroad program.

Kendall & Associates Educational Consulting can help you with the decision-making process because we known each of the schools that we work with and have the experience, knowledge and unbiased end result to provide you with a selection of schools that will best fit the profile of your son or daughter.

Branksome Hall

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Three top unique qualities of the school:


  • Personalized academic counseling and university preparation for all international students.
  • A lively weekend program that links students with the cultural life of Canada's most multi-cultural city.
  • A focus on student leadership and service to the community, both locally and internationally, with programs in South Africa, India and Costa Rica for senior students.

Special Programs Offered: IB (International Baccalaureate) and Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD): Up to 40 course options, all 4U and Higher and Standard Level IB courses in every one of the 6 domains: Mathematics, Language A1, A2 English, Language A German, Language B French, Spanish, Latin, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, World, European and North American History, 3 Geography courses, Economics, Law, Environmental Studies, Music, Art, Drama.

Languages: French (core and advanced) Latin, Spanish. International Languages (taught to native speakers) include German, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Korean

Computer (courses): Grade 10 – Cyber Arts course combining high level technical skills with art and design. Computers are also incorporated into Music instruction using MIDI technology

Arts: Art Studio, Photography Club, String Orchestra, Concert Band, Stage Band (Rock), Brass Choir, Senior Choir, Chamber Choir, Jazz Choir, Drama Club – Grade 10-12, Film Club, Writer’s Guild (producers of a literary magazine) Kilt Press (student newspaper) Red Maple Reading Group

Sports: Swimming, Cross-Country Running, Soccer, Field Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Learn to Row, Badminton, Volleyball, Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Hockey, Synchronized Swimming, Rowing (dry land training), Winter running, Rowing, Baseball, Rugby, Track and Field

Extra curricular activities (clubs): Debating and Public Speaking, Model United Nations, Gaia (environmental activitism) World Affairs, Women’s Issues, Amnesty International, Peer Support (peer counseling) Chess, Robotics, Forensics, Wall Street Investment, Animal Rights, Guitar Club, Music Appreciation, Dance Crew, Spirit Squad, Film Society, Photography Club, Culinary Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Big-Sister Little Sister, Yearbook and many service opportunities around Toronto

Weekend Activities 
1. Interschool events with Coed and Boys' schools: dances, fundraisers, skating parties, skiing lessons and expeditions, card nights, etc., planned by an interschool committee
2. Informal activities planned by residence “families” – movies, outings, shopping sprees, free swim, free use of the fitness center
3. Special outings to museums, theater, concerts, galleries, basketball and baseball games, special attractions such as Niagara Falls , and other city events such as cultural festivals etc.
4. Privately arranged music lessons, attendance at church or other religious services.

Grades: Kindergarten - 12

Teacher-student-ratio: 1:7

Average class size: 18-22

Boarding-day-student-ratio: 1:8

Number of students: 450 (Grades 9 – 12)

Boy-girl-ratio: Girls only

Percentage of International students: 15%

Dress code: School Uniforms

Tuition: CAN$ 46,970-$48,970 for 2010-11, depending on grade level

Tuition Refund Plan: Yes, CAN$ 676,- (upon request)

Credit card payments allowed: No

Additional costs:  
CAN$ 2,500 - Optional full credit in an International Languages course
CAN$ 500-$900 - Books
CAN$ 800 - Activities
CAN$ 5,000 - Registration fee (a one-time fee for all new students)
CAN$ 500 - Uniform
CAN$ 700 - Health insurance
CAN$2,000 – Laptop program for Grades 7-8 students 2010-11

Summer School: Enhance Your Skills: Gr.7-12 Mathematics, Language, Science, and Arts Reinforcement


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