A Family Decision

The decision to have your son or daughter go abroad to study involves much more than simply researching the web and finding websites with pictures of wonderful facilities and smiling faces. Even speaking to family, friends and colleagues about their experiences regarding their children is very useful and helpful, but might not meet the needs of your own son or daughter because each child needs to find “The School” that will allow them to grow and thrive.

Of course each boarding school’s administrator and director can advise and tell you all about their school, but, indeed, there are other schools that might be a better fit for what your son or daughter is looking for in their study abroad program.

Kendall & Associates Educational Consulting can help you with the decision-making process because we known each of the schools that we work with and have the experience, knowledge and unbiased end result to provide you with a selection of schools that will best fit the profile of your son or daughter.

Lakefield College School


Location: Lakefield, Ontario, Canada

Three top unique qualities of the school:

  • Lakefield College School provides a holistic, co-ed boarding school experience, designed to maximize the personal success and happiness of each student. Students form respectful, fun, and genuine relationships with adults.
  • Our faculty and residential staff provide a safe, supportive, and inspiring environment within which teenagers can explore their independence, take initiative, assume responsibility, learn, and grow.
  • The Lakefield College School experience provides global opportunities and hands-on learning, allowing students to develop independence, worldliness, and curiosity. Enjoying the outdoors on our 315 acre waterfront campus is an integral part of the LCS experience. Our athletics program is spirited, supportive, fun, and accepting of athletes of all strengths. A sense of self-worth, belonging, importance, and place in community are emphasized for every student, regardless of their interests, goals, and personality.

Advanced Placement (AP): Yes

Special subjects offered: AP courses, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Round Square

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Computer (courses): Animation, Computer programming, Computer science, Debate, Independent study, Journalism, Literature, Outdoor Education, Public speaking, Web design

Arts: Music - Choral Music, Composition, Electric music, Music history, Music, Theatre/Opera, Music theory, Orchestra, Private/Individual lessons, Recording, Song writing, Voice/Vocal/Singing, Performing Arts - Acting, Choreography, Dance, Directing, History of Theatre, Lighting design, Production, Set design, Theatre design, Visual and Applied Arts - 3-D Design, Ceramics, Graphic design, Painting, Photography, Sculpture

Sports: Horseback riding, Outdoor Club, Running, Sailing Club, Ski/Snowboard club, Weightlifting, Yoga, Tennis, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Hockey, Basketball

Extra curricular activities (clubs): Chess Club, Community Service, Debate Club, Environmental Club, Habitat for Humanity, School newspaper, Student Council, Yearbook, Community service, Exchange programs, Leadership, Study aboard, Summer studies

Weekend Activities: Various trips

Grades: 7 to 12

Teacher-student-ratio: 1:17

Average class size: 17

Boarding-day-student-ratio: 130 (Day from gr. 7-12), 235 (Boarding from gr. 9-12)

Number of students: 365

Boy-girl-ratio: 50/50

Percentage of International students: 15%

Dress code: Traditional Boarding School Uniform

Tuition: International Boarder - $51,245 (2011/2012)

Tuition Refund Plan: Tuition Refund Insurance Plan is available

Credit card payments allowed: For application fee only

Additional costs: 
Educational Technology Fee: $1,250,
Tuition Refund Insurance:  $1,480
Text Books: $500
Uniform: $700
Supplies/telephone/other: $350

Summer School: Summer Camp International, CAMMAC, The Boomer Music Camp, The Beat Camp.

Website: www.lcs.on.ca

280 King Street East | Brockville, ON K6V 1E2 | Phone: 613-341-9248 | Fax: | Email: info@kendallconsulting.ca