A Family Decision

The decision to have your son or daughter go abroad to study involves much more than simply researching the web and finding websites with pictures of wonderful facilities and smiling faces. Even speaking to family, friends and colleagues about their experiences regarding their children is very useful and helpful, but might not meet the needs of your own son or daughter because each child needs to find “The School” that will allow them to grow and thrive.

Of course each boarding school’s administrator and director can advise and tell you all about their school, but, indeed, there are other schools that might be a better fit for what your son or daughter is looking for in their study abroad program.

Kendall & Associates Educational Consulting can help you with the decision-making process because we known each of the schools that we work with and have the experience, knowledge and unbiased end result to provide you with a selection of schools that will best fit the profile of your son or daughter.

Our Team

Kendall & Associates Educational Consulting has many educational consultants internationally to meet the needs of our clients.

Suzan Kendall, Canadian Consultant
Email: suzan@kendallconsulting.ca

Suzan Kendall, graduated from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. With over 25 years experience in admissions (15 years - Admissions Officer at Queen’s University, Law School and Undergraduate Admissions, 7 years – Director of Admissions at Bishop’s College School, a CAIS boarding school, grades 7 to 12, and most recently President and Associate Head of Fulford Academy, a small private English Second Language Boarding School).  With this extensive networking with boarding schools in Canada and the USA, and with Fulford Academy’s strong reputation, Suzan Kendall is well-equipped to guide families through the entire process of studying abroad. Suzan is married and has a son and daughter, who both attended Canadian boarding schools and Canadian colleges.

Johanna Ziegler, Associate Consultant
Email: johanna@kendallconsulting.ca

Johanna Ziegler graduated with a diploma degree in Business (European Economics) from Otto-Friedrich-University in Bamberg, Germany. Johanna has many years of experience living and studying abroad: being an exchange student, hosting exchange students, as well as preparing students for education in a foreign country. She spent a year in a host family while attending a private high school in Georgia, USA. She has also studied for one year at the EAE Business Schol in Barcelona, Spain. During her time in Bamberg, Johanna was a president of the local committee for the student organization AIESEC, which works with exchange students (traineeship). She has also worked as an office manager for many years at ssb-Nottebohm (High School and College Consulting Company) in Heidelberg, Germany. Johanna shares her time between Fulford Academy as Admission Officer and Kendall & Associates Educational Consulting, as an Associate Consultant. She concentrates on working with our clients from Spanish and German speaking countries.

Hyang (Hazel) Lee, Director of Korean Market
Email: hazel@kendallconsulting.ca

Hyang (Hazel) Lee:  Since 1997 Hazel has been working with Korean international students. Her passion comes directly from her own personal experience of coming to Canada to study English at University of Toronto, followed by Ryerson University. Hazel’s professionalism with the schools that she is dedicated to working with and the students that have benefited from her expertise is the right combination to ensure a student success. Hazel lives in Toronto with her husband and two sons (who are both attending private schools). Hyang (Hazel) Lee, is the Director of the Korean Market working with students, their families and other educational consultants. Her communication and marketing with our Korean clients is invaluable.

Toshiko Dozono, Japan Consultant
Email: toshiko@redmapleconnection.com

Toshiko Dozono was a high school teacher in Japan before she came to Canada in 1981. Toshiko graduated from a Belleville public high school and Loyalist College. Her two children were raised in Canada and are now living in Calgary and Waterloo. She started her own consulting company, Red Maple Connection, in 2002. At first, she was mainly working with Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board; however, she has recently broadened her services to other schools and school boards in Canada. Toshiko provides onsite supervision of students, as well as a vital communication link with parents. She is able to provide immediate response to any issues concerning her students, because she lives nearby. Toshiko works only with Japanese students and Canadian schools.

Thomas Eickel, German Consultant
Email: eickel@ecse.org
Website: www.boardingschoolberater.de

Thomas Eickel is the founder and general manager of ec.se (educational consulting & student exchange GmbH), and has been working for many years in the education industry, giving family’s professional advice and students a good start. He is dedicated to personalised guidance with intensive counselling leading to serious decision making and appropriate placement. Concentrating on public and boarding schools, as well as colleges and universities in Canada and the USA, Thomas Eickel’s professional guidance provides the highest standard in programmes and services for the students and their families.

By sitting down with families and discussing their expectations and goals ec.se focuses, from the very beginning, on creating an educational pathway with options that will best enhance the student's academic success and personal growth.

Located in Bonn, the former capital city of Germany, ec.se provides guidance to students located throughout Germany and Switzerland.

Dagmar Urbahn-Schiefer, Switzerland Consultant
Email: duschiefer@gmx.de

Dagmar Urbahn-Schiefer, certified social worker, studied social work in Düsseldorf. During the academic year 1975 – 76 she spent a year as an exchange student at the Jacksonville State University in Alabama. She went on to gain experience as social worker and advisor for children and young people of various ages and diverse cultural backgrounds. Among other things, she worked as head of an advising center for a large German health insurance company.

Cornelia Schmitz-Dräger, Switzerland Consultant
Email: office@arcrim.ch

Cornelia Schmitz-Dräger, graduated with a master degree in business administration from University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. For many years she has worked in an international environment. She is the founder and general manager of ARCRIM International School Consulting. She has profound knowledge of the North American, Swiss and German school system as well as the recognition of North American school diplomas at European universities. - Two of her three children have graduated from North American boarding schools and immediately taken up their university studies in different European countries. Her third child has attended college in North America.

Liliya Petrova, Russian Consultant
Email: Liliya@kendallconsulting.ca

Liliya Petrova always wanted to work in the education field providing support to students. After receiving a diploma from an industrial pedagogical college in Kazan, Russia, she worked as a teacher and continued her education at the Kazan State University, where Liliya received degrees in Management and Interpreter in Professional Communication field. Liliya has a wealth of experience in working with foreigners who lived in Russia (being a host family, organizing different cultural festivals, and much more) that helped her to understand the needs of being a foreigner. Liliya has also travelled extensively to other countries in order to become familiar with other cultures and education systems. After leading student recruitment teams at larger education agencies in Russia, Liliya opened her own educational consulting company. Liliya continues to provide many Russian families with excellent guidance in making the right choice for studying abroad. Individual attention and a continuing support during every step of the admission process are crucial and set her apart from other companies.

Ana Sesma, Mexico Consultant
Email: anasesma@canadaposible.com

Ana Sesma graduated with her law degree from the University of Sonora. Switching her passion for the law to her passion for working with students and their families to ensure the best educational consulting possible, comes from her direct experience with sending her own daughter to study abroad both in Canada and the USA. Ana celebrates her 10 Year Anniversary of her own educational consulting firm, “Canada Posible” and most recently “Mundo Posible” located in Hermosillo, Sonaro, Mexico and has counseled thousands of students of follow their dreams of studying in North America. As our Mexican Consultant, Ana will help all Mexican families through all stages of the admission process, from selection of the best programs, through to applying; preparing to go abroad to arrival in Canada/USA and providing communication while the students are abroad and counseling their return back to their schools in Mexico.

Sylvia Wu, Taiwan & Asia Consultant
Email: sylviewu@gmail.com

Sylvia had her high school and university education from North America, mainly in Canada for 10 years. She holds both business administration degree and TESOL /TCSOL certificates. She has devoted and served in a variety of education-related positions for decades, first as MBA consultant for one of the UK leading university and then as a study abroad consultant and manager to consult Taiwanese students to get further education overseas. Also, leads groups of students to attend overseas winter/summer camps in different countries. During these years, Sylvia has visited schools and universities across Canada. Moreover, she has also been teaching English to adults and children at private bilingual school, university and institutions and managing English learning centers in Taiwan. Building upon over 15 years of professional, academic and international consulting experience and passionate, she has worked extensively as an independent consultant with Kendall Consulting Co. for providing better leading education to Taiwan and Asia students.

Ling (Oscar) Wang, China Consultant
Email: wangoscar2003@126.com

Ling (Oscar) Wang: B.E.E. from Chinese University, MBus and MBA from Australian universities. Oscar manages an educational agency in Shenzhen, China. In the last ten years he has placed hundreds of students from China in different school in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Oscar has a professional experience in selecting and matching right schools for students with different needs and abilities. Each year Oscar travels extensively to visit schools and his students, where he gets first-hand information about how his students are doing. Oscar lives in Shenzhen, China and Gold Coast, Australia; his two daughters attend a prestigious independent school in Australia.

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