A Family Decision

The decision to have your son or daughter go abroad to study involves much more than simply researching the web and finding websites with pictures of wonderful facilities and smiling faces. Even speaking to family, friends and colleagues about their experiences regarding their children is very useful and helpful, but might not meet the needs of your own son or daughter because each child needs to find “The School” that will allow them to grow and thrive.

Of course each boarding school’s administrator and director can advise and tell you all about their school, but, indeed, there are other schools that might be a better fit for what your son or daughter is looking for in their study abroad program.

Kendall & Associates Educational Consulting can help you with the decision-making process because we known each of the schools that we work with and have the experience, knowledge and unbiased end result to provide you with a selection of schools that will best fit the profile of your son or daughter.

The Perkiomen School


Location: Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Three top unique qualities of the school:   

  • Founded in 1875, Perkiomen School is a traditional, college-prep school that seeks to provide the best environment for the individual to learn and grow with a great location in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside and only one hour from the urban city of Philadelphia and the entire Mid-Atlantic area. Perkiomen School truly has outstanding modern facilities.
  • For a small school, Perk has a large number of sports teams, clubs, ensembles, and performances. Students are encouraged to try everything – even things they’ve never tried before – allowing students to discover new talents, interests and passions and share them with the school community.
  • The emphasis on multicultural integration and intercultural understanding is the characteristic of the school’s approach to building community in all sorts of ways. While celebrating the difference that enrich school life, Perk encourages teachers and students to see not only those differences but also commonalities….to listen and learn, to keep an open mind, and to communicate.

Advanced Placement (AP): Advanced Placement courses are recognized by many institutions as equivalent to first-year university credits. Past offerings have included English, Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, Latin Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Calculus, Statistics, Computer Science, US History, Economics, European History, US Government and Politics, AP Studio Art Design, Drawing, and Art History

Languages: ESL I to V, Latin I to V, Spanish I to V, Mandarin, German

Computer (courses): Applications I and II, Computer Programming, AP Computer Science A, Advance Topics in JAVA Programming

Arts: Art: Studio Art, ceramics, drawing painting, photography, digital photography, digital design, Drama: three productions annually, Music: chorus, show choir, small ensembles, orchestra, string ensemble, brass ensemble

Sports: Football, golf, soccer, cross country, field hockey (in the league champions, tennis, basketball, swimming, wrestling, power lifting, lacrosse, softball, baseball (is a very strong sport with many students continue to play in college. Three have been drafted to the major league.

Extra curricular activities (clubs): Many to choice from: Showcasing two:

Model United Nations travels to several events including Kutztown University, DeSales University, and the University of Pennsylvania. In the course of the events, Perkiomen students have been recognized for their preparation, involvement in debate, and developing meaningful resolutions.

The Interact Club, a new service organization that is a part of Rotary International, has sponsored numerous events in the Perkiomen Community. From hosting students from Enrico Tosi School outside of Milan, Italy, to sponsoring an Easter egg hunt for employee children; the group has already impacted the lives of people in positive and meaningful ways.

Weekend Activities: Four to six activities offered each weekend. Trips to the Malls and movies. Strategically located 1 hour from Philadelphia, 2 hours to New York City and 3 hours from Washington, DC, offers a variety of attractions – cultural, national, historical, visiting museums, concerts, restaurants and pro sporting events.

Grades: Grades 6 to 12, plus Postgraduate

Teacher-student-ratio: 1:6

Average class size: 11

Boarding-day-student-ratio: 2:1

Number of students: 303

Boy-girl-ratio: 4:3

Percentage of International students: 20%

Dress code: Uniform shirt with slacks or skirt. On Wednesday, the students wear a navy blue blazer. The boys wear a school tie.

Tuition: US $44,200.- (School Year: 2011/2012)

Tuition Refund Plan: Tuition Refund Plan 4% of Net Tuition

Credit card payments allowed: -

Additional costs:
Application Fee
Students living in the US $50
Students living abroad $100
Incidental Deposit
The incidental deposit is intended to give you an estimate of the total additional costs for a student during a year. Some students will spend more, others will spend less. Expenses will vary based on the classes a student enrolls in, tests a student takes, and weekend trips. If you would like to set spending limits please contact the business office.
International $2500
Boarding $1000
Upper School Day $600
Middle School Day $400
The Incidental Deposit covers books ($400 to $900 varies by course selection), bookstore charges, weekend activity costs, transportation, field trips (including the required Middle School trip to New York $150, Holocaust Museum $100, Hershey Park $100), damages, SAT exams, SAT Prep, TOEFL exam, SAT and TOEFL Score reports, AP exams, graduation fee ($150), college application fees, and technology fee ($250).
Monthly statements will reflect all expenditures against the deposit and show when additional funds are needed.

Additional Charges:
Student Banking $300 to $600
Health Insurance (Primary Coverage -12 months) $1,640
Individual Voice Lessons Upon Request
Instrument Lessons Upon Request
Tae Kwon Do Upon Request

Summer School: -

Website: www.perkiomen.org

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