“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

Sidney J. Harris

At Kendall & Associates Educational Consulting, we work with students, their families and other consultants to ensure that students are placed in prestigious boarding schools, colleges and universities in Canada and the USA.
Kendall & Associates Educational Consulting was founded by Suzan Kendall in order to provide educational consulting services to international families looking for an environment where their children can grow and develop into academically well-rounded students, as well as develop intercultural skills to be tomorrow’s active and caring global citizen. “Global Citizen” means having a global awareness and understanding. To truly develop into a skilled and confident global citizen, a student needs to be fully integrated into a community that offers global diversity, inclusiveness and understanding. The talented students of today are the economic, political and administrative leaders of tomorrow. Kendall & Associates Educational Consulting helps parents to develop and implement a sound educational pathway for their child ensuring their son/daughter achieve the linguistic and academic success taking them from a language school on to a boarding school and then to a university.
With over 25 years of experience in admissions, and networking with schools throughout North America, Suzan Kendall is well-equipped to guide families through the application processes. We help to prepare the necessary documentation for school applications, prepare students for their school interviews, and take them to the schools for campus tours and a chance to meet with admissions personnel. This extraordinary and personalized service ensures that students are placed at a school that will best meet their needs.

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